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Jewelry and weddings have shared a strong intertwined relationship from times memorial. Jewelry constitutes an important part of the marriage rituals. Gold has been the traditional metal of choice for Indian weddings. Jewelry embodies a perfect relationship in its timeless preciousness and strength.

Jewelry these days' has grown to include a countless range from Swarovski crystals to Titanium. Gem studded jewelry is available in a plethora of colors. Ruby, Diamond and Sapphire are the most popular. Baguettes, citrine, aquamarine, garnet and amethyst are also gifted. Sapphire is commonly gifted in the color blue as it's considered auspicious. Platinum is another metal which is gifted and it signifies modernity. Platinum has a classy understated feel and is much sought after by modern-day brides.

Jewelry comes in a variety of settings and geometric shapes. Necklace sets, rings, pendant sets, bangles and bracelets are all-time favorites. Wedding jewelries are region sensitive. 'Punjabis' go for heavy and chunky gold studded with precious stones while Sindhi's and Marawaris prefer light diamond jewelry. Commonly gifted jewelry is made of gold, white gold or is silver, studded with diamonds and precious stones. Those with a lighter purse can gift 'fusion jewels' that act as imitation jewelry and these are embedded with colored crystals, jhumars and kundan.

There are a lot of activities done before the wedding day where the bride attends pre wedding ceremonies like engagements, mehendi, music functions and many more which require much of bridal make-up. A perfect make-up in the wedding ceremony will need perfect skin. So to have good skin there are a few things that should be done before the wedding day. Bridal make-up is also the most important part in the Indian wedding ceremony as it speaks of the Indian traditions and rituals. Bridal make-up also differs with tradition of the region and the attire of the bride.

Face is the most important part of the bridal make-up that needs to be carefully looked into. There are different types of bridal make-up that include light make up and heavy make up. Light make up is usually done before the wedding ceremony when the bride has to take part in many pre-wedding ceremonies. In some of the Indian traditions pre-wedding ceremonies are a long process that includes nearly 7 to 10 days where the bride is only given a light make up.

A heavy bridal make-up is usually done on the main wedding day. The face, eyes, lips and the neck are just done the right way perfectly matching to the bridal costumes. The jewelry also matters a lot with the bridal make up part that speaks of rituals and customs of the region.

Considering bridal make-up as the most important part for the bride on her wedding there are a number of places that you should specially concentrate. The make up effect that you give to the bride should make her special from the others and so you should be careful in choosing light or heavy make up for the bride. There are a lot of modern trends out in the market that are designed with special effects for any type of skin and colour.

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